Kwik-Stage System

Kwikstage is a heavy duty modular system scaffold with wedge fixing for all access scaffold requirements. Kwikstage scaffolding components and parts include standard verticals, ledger horizontals, brackets and stair for accessing. Surface treatment could be painted, powder coated and hot dip galvanized. This kind of system is widely used in the UK, Australia and British Commonwealth countries.
Standard Vertical : Kwikstage standard are vertical parts of this scaffolding system. It is made from tube outer diameter 48 mm with elements of spigot connectors. Kwikstage standard vertical can be painted, galvanized or HDG finshing.
Ledger : Kwikstage ledger are horizontal member of system scaffolding. Ledger made from scaffold tube outer diameter 48 mm. Ledger horizontal has wedge pins to be fixed onto kwikstage standard.

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